Board of Education

Welcome to the Cudahy Board of Education. On this site you can access Board agendas and minutes of past meetings. This site will serve as an official posting site for upcoming meetings. The Board of Education Policy book is online for your reference.

To contact a board member, please see their phone number below, or for all written correspondence, you may send it to: 2915 E Ramsey, Cudahy, WI 53110.

As a reminder, if you have a concern about a school issue, contact the building principal first. If you are not satisfied, contact the District Office at (414) 294-7400 to speak with a District level administrator. If you are still not satisfied, contact Dr. Tina Owen-Moore, Superintendent of Schools, at (414) 294-7403 or Email Dr. Tina Owen-Moore.

The board meeting agenda will be posted here prior to each meeting.
After each meeting, an update will be posted here.

Kari Durr
Phone: 414-739-3371
Term expires April, 20..
Email Kari Durr

Laurie Ozbolt
Vice President
Phone: 414-975-0127
Term expires April, 20..
Email Laurie Ozbolt 

Rhonda Riccio
Board Clerk
Phone: 262-409-9103
Term expires April, 20..
Email Rhonda Riccio 

Jim Papala
Board Treasurer
Phone: 414-481-5868
Term expires April, 20..
Email Jim Papala

Michael Johnson
Board Director
Phone: 414-334-6243
Term expires April, 20..
Email Michael Johnson

Chris Galewski
Board Director
Phone: 262-409-8092
Term expires April, 20..
Email Chris Galewski

Crystal Silkwood
Board Director
Phone: 414-313-5671
Term expires April, 20..
Email Crystal Silkwood

Contact Information

Tina Owen-Moore, Ed.L.D
Phone: 414.294.7403

Mary Rejniak
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 414.294.7412