Swimming Lessons

The Cudahy Recreation Department is the premiere location for swim lessons on the South Shore. Providing lessons for children as young as six months through adulthood with small group, private and semi-private lessons, there is a program that will meet your needs! 

Swimming Lessons Schedule

Swimming Lesson Descriptions

PARENT / CHILD LESSONS: 6 Months - 3 Years

Shrimp (6 - 24 months) & Round Goby (2 - 3 years)

Parent and child are in the water together with the primary goal of getting the child comfortable in the water. Basic swimming skills are introduced through songs and games. This is an excellent opportunity for your child to interact with other children while learning to love the water.


Rainbow Fish with Parent

Designed for the child who is not quite ready to be on their own in the water. This class incorporates parent participation while working toward independence. Parents may stay in the water as long as it takes of the child to feel comfortable, and the instructor will provide guidance as to when the transition should take place. Child learns water adjustment and components of the Rainbow Fish class.

Rainbow Fish

Child learns to float, kick and use arms on their front, back, and side. They also work toward becoming comfortable with their face in the water and blowing bubbles. Work toward swimming 10 yards with a flotation device and 5 feet without floatation.


Child begins to improve on using their arms, legs and breathing - blowing bubbles and taking breaths. Swimmer works toward swimming 25 yards with a floatation device while on front, back and side, and swimming 15 feet without a floatation device.


Child will refine skills using their arms, legs and will be introduced to rhythmic breathing while swimming on their front. Will work toward swimming 25 yards with a one bubble belt on their front, back and side and swimming 20 feet without a floatation device.


Child will continue to refine strokes while building endurance. Keep working on swimming 25 yards with a one bubble belt on front, back and side and swimming 25 feet without a floatation device. Work on treading water and diving.



Children at this level are beginner swimmers. In this class they will gain confidence as they learn how to be comfortable in the water, learn to submerge, floating on front and back, and swimming on front, back, and side with floatation devices 25 yards and 20 feet without.


At this level children are not fearful of venturing into the deep water. Children will continue to improve on their floating and treading skills, learn to swim 25 yards on front, back and side with rhythmic breathing.


Children entering this level are able to swim 25 yards on their front, back and side without a floatation device. Improve swimming 25 yards while learning rotary breathing and front and back over-arm strokes. refine elementary back, breast and side strokes for 25 yards.


Children are comfortable with basic techniques from Walleye. Children swim with good form the front crawl, backcrawl and elementary backstroke. They continue to further refine their side and breast strokes. Endurance is increased to 50 yards for all three strokes and the butterfly is introduced.

King Salmon

Continue to refine strokes -front and back crawls, elementary back, breaststroke and sidestroke and increase distances for each to 100 yards. Learn butterfly arms and coordinate kick to swim distance of 25 yards.


All of the strokes have been learned with added refinements. Inverted breaststroke, overarm sidestroke and trudgen crawl are learned. 200 yard continuous swim using four strokes in good form.