Jr. Packers

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Jr. Packer program is to promote the development of student athletes in a more competitive setting, which will further develop players who are interested in playing in high school. The Cudahy School District is committed to providing as many opportunities to play competitive sports in a structured and organized system.  The primary focus is to develop and teach the fundamental skills of each sport at an age-appropriate level.

Steps in the Process

1. Register for an open evaluation for each sport where a Jr. Packer option is available.

2. Player attends evaluation day. We do not believe in "cutting" interested players. Once the evaluation is complete, if we feel they may be better suited for a rec program this season, we may recommend that as an option.

3. Coaches develop practice schedules and the Recreation Department will communicate the team roster and schedule, along with introducing the coach.

4. Uniform orders are taken.

5. Season begins.

Rosters will be given to coaches for the first week of practice. If your player is not registered, they will not be placed on the team roster which must be submitted to the league prior to the first game.

Contact: kreitlowt@cudahysd.org