School Health Screenings

Students spend a large part of their day in school where they participate not only in learning but play, sports, and social activities. This makes school the perfect place to complete health screenings. Parent/guardians are notified of screening results which allows them to work with their medical providers to identify health needs. The earlier health needs are recognized the earlier schools can work with parents/guardians and the medical providers to make positive changes in the child’s school environment. By changing or removing barriers students can successfully reach their health and learning potential.

At the School District of Cudahy our students receive or have access to the following screenings; vision, dental, Fitness Gram, hearing, and developmental.

School District of Cudahy Health Screenings

Contact Information

Deborah Schumaker  MSN, CPNP
School District Nurse
414.294.7424 (o)
608.792.0458 (c)
414.908.9649 (f)
Email Deborah Schumaker

Health Aide Contact Number

Cudahy High School
Phone: 414.294.2738

Cudahy Middle School
Phone: 414.294.2835

General Mitchell Elementary
Phone: 414.294.7103

J.E. Jones Elementary
Phone: 414.294.7154

Kosciuszko Elementary
Phone: 414.294.7203

Lincoln Elementary
Phone: 414.294.2934